Over the break I completed the online educational training called “Mindsight.” This is an excellent resource created by a professor here at UOIT. The aim of the module is to reduce stigma by promoting awareness of mental illness, as well as providing a greater understanding of the basic signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses. Self-help strategies and those for helping friends, peers, and/or family members are provided. Community resources are also available through this resource. There are 10 different sections to this training: stigma, depression, anxiety, substance use, suicide, self harm, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, psychosis, and trauma. Once all the training and quizzes have been completed, a certificate of completion can be requested.

One of my professors mentioned this online resource last semester in class, catching my attention. I found this training very interesting and highly recommend it. So many people are affected by mental illness, and it is important to reduce the stigma surrounding it, as well as help those suffering in any way possible.

Here is the link: http://mymindsight.uoit.ca/