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Spoon Theory & Autism

Happy New Year! A lot has been on my mind since my last post (a while ago) and I want to take some time today to share with you all. Perhaps you’ve heard of something called, “Spoon Theory”? Its origin can be traced back to Christine Miserandino (The Spoon Theory), a woman living with lupus, who takes… Continue reading Spoon Theory & Autism

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As a Survivor of Abuse, I’m Going to Love Differently.

**PLEASE NOTE: This post was written anonymously by a student** There are events in a person’s life that result in a turning point of sorts, that changes the path that their life may have taken if certain events hadn’t happened. For some, it’s hard to pinpoint when these events happened. For others, they become nightmares… Continue reading As a Survivor of Abuse, I’m Going to Love Differently.

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Depression, Anxiety and Sex

Please be respectful and refrain from judgement if you continue to read this post. Some people think that depression and anxiety only affect one’s emotions, but this is not true. It is an illness that causes a lot more problems than just “being sad”. Besides the crippling pain and the inability to function at times,… Continue reading Depression, Anxiety and Sex