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The Troubles with being a Social Introvert

Growing up, I have always loved being around people and socializing at parties. One of my favourite past times is hanging out with large groups of people because you will always find someone to talk to or something to do! Although I love to socialize, I’ve only ever had a handful of close friends, and… Continue reading The Troubles with being a Social Introvert

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Spoon Theory & Autism

Happy New Year! A lot has been on my mind since my last post (a while ago) and I want to take some time today to share with you all. Perhaps you’ve heard of something called, “Spoon Theory”? Its origin can be traced back to Christine Miserandino (The Spoon Theory), a woman living with lupus, who takes… Continue reading Spoon Theory & Autism

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Exam crunch and how to stay healthy

Everyone is busy finishing last minute projects, bonus assignments and preparing for their finals, whether that be papers, projects or formal written exams. I am currently enrolled in the SSH practicum program and at the last minute came to the realization that come Dec. 6th, I must present my poster to the faculty and community… Continue reading Exam crunch and how to stay healthy

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Avoiding Financial Stress During the Holidays

This time of the year many of us face financial stress. The holidays can be expensive and fees for the winter semester are due soon. As students, most of us do not have unlimited funds and it is important to try and not rack up additional debt. There are lots ways to save money around… Continue reading Avoiding Financial Stress During the Holidays