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Someone to Talk to

It is so important to find someone you feel comfortable talking to. Someone you can tell anything to and know they will support you. Someone whose always ready to listen, to ask if you’re okay, to see if you are drowning. I am so thankful that I have found 2 of these people. I know… Continue reading Someone to Talk to

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Drawn and Quartered

I have committed high treason…against myself…AGAIN! I once again have begun to spread myself to thin. Breaking promises I told myself like, “I’ll go to bed by 10:00pm” or “I’ll stay on top of things”, and the classic “I’m fine, of course I’m not taking on too much”. But I’m not fine. School, work, friends,… Continue reading Drawn and Quartered

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Watching Someone Struggle With Their Mental Health

After a long four-month summer, the return to school has finally come. Like many students, I never find returning to school very easy, especially after having four months to soak up the sun while avoiding textbooks and assignments. Either way, I packed up my things and moved back to Oshawa to continue my studies. The… Continue reading Watching Someone Struggle With Their Mental Health