Taking Time to Relax

As students we often feel as though we do not have time to relax, or feel guilty when we take a day off from studying. I know I personally do this. I will start watching a movie and feel as though there are 100 other things I should be doing. But sometimes we just need a break.

It’s important to take some time each day to relax. By doing so we reduce our changes of burning out and feel more refreshed once we go back to work.

Exams are creeping up which means everyone is stressed to the max! In order to keep sane, take short breaks while trying to review the entire semester in a few short nights. If you feel as though you can no longer be productive, it is definitely time to take a break. Have a nap, watch an episode or two of your favourite tv show, go outside for a walk, do something that makes you happy and relaxed. This will only help you accomplish more.

Best of luck on all your exams! Remember to make time to relax!


Ways to Relax

The winter break is a perfect time for students to relax and have some “me time.” It’s nice to finally have some time off and not have a huge to-do list hovering above your shoulders. Having some down time is important as it helps to keep you from burning out. Here are some great ways to relax:

  • Read a good book
  • Catch up on some sleep
  • Have a nice warm bath
  • Watch a movie
  • Exercise
  • Do some yoga/stretch
  • Listen to soothing/relaxing music
  • Enjoy a cup of tea
  • Go for a walk
  • Take a few deep slow breaths
  • Count backwards from 10
  • Drip cold water onto your wrists
  • Write in a journal
  • Cuddle with a pet
  • Laugh
  • Talk to a friend or close family member
  • Colour/draw

Please add any additional ways you like to relax in the comments below!