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When Eating Disorders Attack

One of my friendsĀ from high school faced a challenging battle with anorexia. At the beginning of high school she was a healthy weight. Over time she began to loose a lot of weight and it wasn’t until prom of grade 12 that I became aware of how much she had really lost. (I went to… Continue reading When Eating Disorders Attack

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Depression and Disordered Eating

Trigger Warning for: eating disorders and Disordered Eating. Sometimes I think a lot of people miss the fact that depression can cause other mental illnesses, like anxiety disorders and eating disorders. Mental illnesses can also cause depression too. When I was first diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder at just 15 years old, I lost my… Continue reading Depression and Disordered Eating

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Tips for Friends: Eating Disorders

According to, an eating disorder is ‘any variations of disorders characters by severe disturbances in eating habits.’ A person who is suffering from an eating disorder may focus on their size and weight and unhealthy amount, and an aversion to food that becomes unhealthy and can affect their physical, emotional and physiological health.