Sing It Out: Skin & Bones

Though it won’t be the only song from this band that we look at, for this addition of Sing It Out we will be taking a look at Canadian natives, Mariana’s Trench’s, song Skin & Bones. The song talks about main singer, Josh Ramsay’s, struggles with an eating disorder.

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Tips for Friends: Eating Disorders

According to, an eating disorder is ‘any variations of disorders characters by severe disturbances in eating habits.’ A person who is suffering from an eating disorder may focus on their size and weight and unhealthy amount, and an aversion to food that becomes unhealthy and can affect their physical, emotional and physiological health.

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Wear Your Label

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Wear Your Label created their own conversation starters to assist in starting a conversation about mental health.

“Mental Health is something very human.”

The insightful words of Kayley Reed, the co creator of Wear Your Label (WYL) based out of New Brunswick, speak to the knowledge and personal experience she has in regards to Mental Health. Along with Kyle MacNavin, Wear Your Label is roughly a year old with possibly a thousand orders.

The clothes, that have sayings such as Sad But Rad and It’s Okay Not To Be Okay, is helping to start the conversation and break down the stigma that surrounds mental health (in style!)

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