Confession of an Extroverted Introvert

From an outward perspective, one would say I am an extrovert. I guess when I look at it, yeah I’d say I am. Especially on good day when I’m feeling extra happy and have not a care in the world, I can be very outgoing. Although, deep down I still harbor my introvert roots. Growing up, I was quiet. Not the typical type of quiet where I barely said a word. No, I had many friends, but only opened up to people once I got to know them. There were many factors to why I was this way. Partly due to family, moving to a new school, etc., but I somewhat think maybe it was my nature.

As I grew up, I started to open up more. By the time high school came, I wasn’t so shy. Eventually, as I got older and joined various clubs and teams, I became much more extroverted. Being able to talk to people and not feel afraid or shy really did make my life happier. I learned so many new things due to not being afraid of taking chances. I started landing jobs that force me to talk to hundreds of people each day, which really broke me out of my shell.

By the time I started first year of university, I was still on that extrovert high from high school. Although looking back at first year, I still had some traces of introversion. However, I made a lot of friends simply by putting myself out there. This past year has probably been my most outgoing year in my entire life. I got involved in organizations, got a job that I had no previous background in and made dozens of new friends. Me writing on this blog right now is only possible due to my willingness to take risks and not be afraid to try new things.

Despite having those rare moment of shyness, being an extrovert has made me a much happier person. Now, all I want to do is make others happy. We never know what is going on in someone else’s life. Some days I wish I had a fun, outgoing person to make me smile when I was feeling down. If just asking a stranger how their day is going or complimenting someone’s shoes can make their day a little better, then I am happy to be the one to do that.