My wost nightmare

  • Caution, Please read with care as it may trigger some people

So, roughly a year ago my sister and her friends were on their way home from a hockey game when my mom got a frantic call from my sister… her friends and her were hit by another car.  On the phone, she sounded fine and didn’t think she was badly hurt. It wasn’t until when my mom and I go to the accident site when we realized how bad it was.

The scene was three side streets long and through a main intersection. I looked and thought, how did no one die? I was stunned and I broke down. I was angry at the people who were gawking and taking pictures, even though the police told them not to. I was broken, I didn’t know where my sister was and I started to panic. I could see the truck they were driving in and I needed to see my sister right away to make sure she was okay. After about 5 minutes (which felt like 30) an officer comes up to my mom and I, and tells my mom she can ride with my sister to the hospital – I can’t drive so my mom told me to go. The truck engine was across the street and we later found out the car did a 360 turn.

So, the officer walks me over to the ambulance and tells me everything will be okay.  I was terrified as I wear my heart on my sleeve, so my emotions are very visible. I was in shock, I had never witnessed a car accident at this point. My sister was strapped into the gurney and all I wanted to tell her was that everything was going to be okay. She didn’t look too hurt, compared to what I had braced myself for. We get to the hospital and I tried to keep her calm while were in the trauma bay. I held her hand and didn’t want to let go for the life of me. My parents arrived soon after we did but, they had to take turns coming back since I came with her.

My sister was attended to the best that they could since all four people from the accident were rushed to the same hospital. While my parents and my other sister took turns coming in to see her, she said she was sorry for what had happened, even though she wasn’t driving and they were the ones who got hit. Her friends got to the hospital shortly after she did and she wanted me to go see how they were – the nursing staff did not like that at all. I was so angry – they told me that I had to go back to my sister’s room or I’d be taken back out when my sister’s friend’s dad calls me. Thankfully they let me see him so I could tell my sister her friends are doing well. This really annoyed me because I told the staff my sister was just in an accident she wants to make sure her friends are okay.

Just before my sister goes for her x-ray the police constable came into my sister’s room and asked what happened. He was very nice and assured her her friends were the ones who were hit not the ones who hit the other car. I overheard them saying they were hit at 190 KM/HR. This made my heart sink to know that if the truck they were driving in was an inch further out – it could have been a very different story.

So, how has this affected me, well to start off I am terrified to drive because at this moment I can’t put my life at risk and drive – I know I am a good driver but there are a lot of people who shouldn’t drive. I get very anxious when my friends drive and I have had a panic attack.  I am still dealing with this accident and I wasn’t even in the car. I sometimes feel guilty because I feel this way. Hopefully, by writing this, it helps make people more cautious when the drive and will help heal me.

I just want to thank my sister for allowing me to share this and for the miracle that happened that night.


The final push

I thought my last semester in my undergrad would be great. However, I have little motivation to really try, I’ve already got accepted and paid for my program that starts in May. I have very little motivation to put in a lot of effort into my work both at my actual workplace and in my school work very type

I am very typeA and this lack of motivation really bugs me. So to help me get through lack of motivation slump I have been dealing with for the last 6 weeks I have used my personality to kind of help.

I have created mini goals each day that helps reach an even larger end goal. Each class, work, banking and other obligations have a colour in my planner, so I fill out each week and use different colours for each task. This helps also with visual learning.

I would like to know what other people do to help themselves when they are unmotivated, please leave a comment below!

Getting back in rhythm

Starting a new semester can be very daunting and frustrating, I know personally I am struggling to find my rhythm in my last semester. This led me to finding ways to quickly find a good rhythm to start off my final semester right and strong.  Some ideas that I have found to be successful thus far are:

  1. Having and planner or agenda
  2. Print off your class schedules
  3. Plan your readings and week
  4. Go to sleep and wake up roughly the same time everyday
  5. Stay caught up on readings
  6. Plan ahead for major assignments
  7.  Set aside time for enjoyable things
  8. Turn off distractions when in class or studying
  9. Sit with people who won’t be distracting
  10. Focus on on task at a time

Hopefully some of these tips will help you keep on track as we enter another semester. Remember, planning is a big part of staying on top of many things in school.


Exam crunch and how to stay healthy

Everyone is busy finishing last minute projects, bonus assignments and preparing for their finals, whether that be papers, projects or formal written exams. I am currently enrolled in the SSH practicum program and at the last minute came to the realization that come Dec. 6th, I must present my poster to the faculty and community partners.

My exam schedule is all over the place to put the icing on top. I have exams the first and last day with two others in the middle – however this isn’t my worst exam schedule. Second and third year I had three exams within 26 hours of each other, which meant I was super stressed. If you have this exam schedule, or a similar one I suggest you start studying now or at least plan how you will study, I believe in you though!

Here are some tips for staying calm and healthy during finals:

  1. PLAN- everyone I know who does well, studies over a period of time.
  2. Take breaks- your brain can only handle so much and after four hours your brain doesn’t remember as much; so take a quick 5-15 minute break
  3. If you can’t get a full 6-8 hour sleep try napping, there are so many articles on added benefits of naps – however, aim for 30 mins or less, you don’t want to be groggy.
  4. Eat regularly – eating regularly helps you focus and keep the energy you need to complete assignments and exams. Also eat healthy – we often grab take-out or pre-made meals and eating healthy will give your immune system a boost to keep you healthy during this stressful time.
  5. Breathe – during an exam or project when you feel frustrated, take a quick deep breath and clear your mind.
  6. Trust your GUT – you often know more than you think you do, even if C has been your choice for the last 5 questions.
  7. Visit office hour for last minute clarification.

If you are starting to feel a cold coming on battle it head on with soup, orange juice, and if you feel like it take cold and sinus pills. Sleep will be your best friend, take a day for yourself, it could help you in the long run.

Good luck my fellow readers on your finals! You can push through this semester and have a great break 🙂

Finding myself in university and in life

I thought I had found myself and who I truly was, but ever since I was 13 I developed Keloid scars from very bad acne. This changed how others saw me and it set me back, I hated myself for having these scars. High School was very tough, I got picked on and looked at for something I couldn’t change. By grade 12 I was so lost in who I was, I didn’t even know what I wanted to do; so I applied to everywhere and accepted an offer to UOIT.  I was determined to put my past self-conscious behaviour behind me and start a new path.

Like many people who attend university, the transition can be a wild ride. My first year was full of highs and lows. Some of the highs were joining a sorority, who welcomed me with open arms and guided me not only throughout my first year but continues to guide me now. Another high was going outside of my comfort zone and completing the one program. Some of the lows I faced were finding new friends, learning a new campus, and anxiety about finals. I found myself quiet blue and sad during exams as I would shut out the world around me to try and study.

When second year came around I was less nervous about my classes and I had found a solid group of friends, who I could trust to keep my health in check. During second year I felt more comfortable and I started to care less what people thought. I was really happy, I finally was able to do more things, attend more social events and show people the fun side. Second year taught me people will judge you, even if you are doing well and others will always try to stop your happiness. Luckily I had a great group of friends and support, so I didn’t let peoples negative comments effect me. Before I started third year I applied to be part of the Student Mental Health Advisory Committee and found I had a calling in mental health.

Third year was rough! I got too involved at school and had a job, working 20 hours a week. With everything going on my grades started to slip and I started to change. I became grumpy, unmotivated, and my mental health started to fall. I quit my job but it was too late, I failed a paper worth 20% of my grade – I freaked out, I thought my life was over. After talking to friends and family, I decided to quit my job to focus on school. Winter semester I found my balance again, and developed new ways to write papers, study, and how to handle failing; because it is okay to fail sometimes in life.  I developed a passion for school again and wanted to boost my GPA so I can go on to grad school.

Fourth year… she has been quite an experience so far, I have applied for the practicum program, got in and so far doing very well. I find myself in multiple leadership opportunities in school and outside the school. I am succeeding in all classes, developing new ways to keep calm during stressful times,  and applying to multiple competitive post-degree programs. This year looks very promising for me.

So who am I?

Well I am a 21 year old social science undergrad student who has tattoos, piercings, is a sorority woman, volunteer, and still developing. Some days I have myself “figured” out and other days I don’t, and that’s okay, everyone develops and finds themselves though different paths.

Finding yourself can be very hard and a long process, but don’t ever give up and take one step at a time, you will find yourself – it may be tomorrow or it may be years from now – either or anytime before is fine!

Staying Clam During Midterms and Exams

Over the last four years here at UOIT, I have personally tried multiple things to keep me from having a break down during stressful times. Through many attempts I have come up with a short list of things you may find useful to give yourself a little well deserved break during midterms and exams:

  1. Try going for a short walk or run, exercise helps clear the brain and gives you a boost of energy.
  2. Read a chapter of your favourite or current book.
  3. Call up a friend or family member to have a quick chat with them.
  4. Try a new class – if you have a gym membership.
  5. Treat yourself to your favourite candy, sweet, or something you have been craving.
  6. Every 2-3 hours take a little break, even if it is just a stretch.
  7. Plan ahead, create a little study guide before you crack down on the studying.
  8. Stay on top of class readings or find someone who is willing to share notes.
  9. Eat! During stressful times we all forget to eat sometimes but, eating helps us retain information and gives us the energy boost we may need to keep on studying.
  10. Get enough sleep, generally 6-8 hours of sleep is recommended for young adults.

And I think the best tip of all that I can share is to breathe!

Good luck on midterms, papers, and of course your final exams come December!!