While society may claim to have evolved from focusing on stereotypical outer beauty, we are often left to wonder how far have we really evolve? The evolution of beauty trends has evolved to include a greater demographic with some extreme beauty trends spreading to younger audiences. And while beauty trends have their benefits in promoting confidence, the extent makes you wonder that while all that has its place, are the measures fickle?…..

Let’s get back to reality, simple beautiful reality. Reality can be good and dare I say real, we are real, no filters needed, no need for Photoshop. Loving, appreciating and accepting oneself is a thing of beauty, inner beauty.

It can be quite a challenge to shift our mindset from following the crowd to being our authentic self but the results are so gratifying. Here are a few useful tips:

  • Know the difference between happiness and joy, happiness is often based on such things like other people, events and places. Joy come from within, being at peace with who you are and so is much more consistent and dependable.
  • Set reasonable goals
  • Never loose sight of what you have achieved no matter how small it may seem.
  • Meditate, mindful meditation is so profoundly beneficial
  • Self care: eat healthy, exercise and rest
  • Appreciate others without being gullible
  • Be kind to friends and to strangers