Someone to Talk to

It is so important to find someone you feel comfortable talking to. Someone you can tell anything to and know they will support you. Someone whose always ready to listen, to ask if you’re okay, to see if you are drowning.

I am so thankful that I have found 2 of these people. I know that both my best friend of 10 years and my boyfriend of 2 years are there for me when I need them. I can tell them anything whether it involves stress, my mental health, school struggles, family issues, or anything else which may be bothering or worrying me at the time. They have both shown to me that they are listening when I open up by asking meaningful questions, checking in on me when they know I am going through something difficult, and most importantly asking me “Are you okay?”.

Sometimes when we open up to someone and tell them how we are feeling or what we are going through, it seems as though they aren’t really listening. They aren’t really hearing what we are saying. Perhaps they are and they just don’t know how to respond. But we can’t always determine if this is the case.

It can be difficult finding someone you are completely comfortable with and can talk about anything to, but once you do life becomes much easier. I used to always bottle up my feelings and then cry when no one was around. Hiding your feelings and tears is a lot harder than just letting them out once in a while.

I hope that all of you are as fortunate as myself in that you have found someone to talk to when you are feeling anxious, depression, or stressed. And if not, I hope you feel safe expressing your feelings and thoughts on this blog, knowing that we are all here to listen.


3 thoughts on “Someone to Talk to

  1. Honestly. This is so important. I sadly haven’t found anybody, so most days I bottle it up and cry alone and feel worse. I mean I have had people listen. But I dont fully feel like they’re there or understand. So I end up pushing them away and bottling it up.


  2. I’m glad that you’ve found someone to talk to about these hard times. It’s pretty hard to trust anyone to that extent. Expression is important as well as frightening.


  3. Thank you for sharing. I feel a lot of the emotional and mental over flow we experience in life can be helped by having some one to talk to. I personally find it hard to open up, but I am glad you have people in your life you can talk to!


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