The final push

I thought my last semester in my undergrad would be great. However, I have little motivation to really try, I’ve already got accepted and paid for my program that starts in May. I have very little motivation to put in a lot of effort into my work both at my actual workplace and in my school work very type

I am very typeA and this lack of motivation really bugs me. So to help me get through lack of motivation slump I have been dealing with for the last 6 weeks I have used my personality to kind of help.

I have created mini goals each day that helps reach an even larger end goal. Each class, work, banking and other obligations have a colour in my planner, so I fill out each week and use different colours for each task. This helps also with visual learning.

I would like to know what other people do to help themselves when they are unmotivated, please leave a comment below!


4 thoughts on “The final push

  1. I personally find it easier to get tasks done first thing in the morning. If I wait too long to start a task, it takes me so much longer to get through it, especially if it’s school related. By getting things done in the first half of the day, I can relax and enjoy my day rather then stressing over the huge task I still need to accomplish.


  2. Usually when I’m unmotivated, I find that playing sports or doing something active really helps. It get my blood flowing and gets me energized and wanting me to be more productive. After working out or playing a sport, my mind naturally makes me do something productive right after and I have gotten my friends to do the same. And it works for them as well!


  3. Like you, I set mini goals! It is SO satisfying to be able to cross them off once they’re done. Either crossing them off or checking off the box that they’re beside in my planner. Looking back and seeing ALL the stuff I’ve done in the last week or month is beyond satisfying!


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