Continuing the Conversation

Every year on Bell Let’s Talk day we hear thousands of individuals discuss their mental health. People feel as though this is the best day to come forward and share their experiences with mental illness. It makes it much easier to come forward and talk about our own mental health when we see others doing the same, especially over social media where we can hide behind our screens. The numerous posts with the familiar hashtag #BellLetsTalk make us feel like everyone will accept our mental illness and applaud us for sharing. But this is not how we should feel.

We should not feel as though only because it is Bell Let’s Talk day our friends, family, and followers will support us and be there if we want to talk. It seems like this is the one of the only times we reassure our friends and family that we are here for them if they want to talk about their depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, etc. We should be doing these things everyday. A day should not go by in which anyone feels although they cannot talk about not being okay.

In order to stop the stigma we need to discuss mental health on a daily basis. We need to accept that everyone faces different struggles in life and some cannot be seen by the eye. We need to treat everyone with the respect and dignity they deserve.

And that is why I love this blog. It provides an opportunity for individuals to talk about mental health in a safe and judge-free environment everyday, not just once a year. It allows us to support one another and reassure each other that we are not alone. It allows us to continue the conversation.


One thought on “Continuing the Conversation

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post because it really sheds light that there is not only one day specifically for people to share their anxieties, their sadness, insecurities, and etcetera. It’s a scary thought that people only feel comfortable to go behind the screen sharing their fears that they possess instead of talking to someone face to face and have more of a personal comfort and bond. Being able to have someone comfort you when you’re in need -in person, is so much more rewarding than just reading a comment on a post. I am so proud of those who continue to fight the stigma and even go above and beyond for people by simply giving them their time to listen to other’s concerns and show that they matter.

    Keep spreading the love and continue to be there for one another. We all go through different situations, yet we can all feel the same sad emotions.

    Stay Strong ❤


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