It’s okay not to be okay

Living with anxiety and depression can be extremely difficult at times. There are days where even getting out of bed feels like an impossible task….. But that’s okay. I spend so much time trying to be the strong one, the one who is always there and can give people a shoulder to cry on; that I forget that sometimes I can be the one who needs someone to talk to.

It doesn’t happen too often anymore, but I do have days every now and then in which I have no motivation, or will to go about my normal life. The anxiety becomes overwhelming which leads to a period of depression. Next thing I know, I’ve missed 2 lectures and due date. The days following this, I am constantly beating myself up for being so selfish and missing important commitments; but now I see that taking a day off every now and then to benefit my mental health is okay! As students, we are under a lot of pressure which takes a toll on our minds and bodies. So it is imperative that we listen to ourselves and allow time to relax and give our minds a well-deserved break.

Now I am definitely NOT saying to skip class whenever you just don’t feel like going, please DO NOT do that! But what I am saying is, if you are finding something draining you of your mental stability, please take a break and do something that you enjoy doing to help get back into the right mindset. But just don’t feel guilty about taking a few minutes out of your day to ensure that you are okay, you deserve it!

2 thoughts on “It’s okay not to be okay

  1. I think everyone has days they need to take off to benefit their mental health, I know I do. It’s so important to take care of ourselves and take the time to relax or do something we enjoy. We all deserve a break every once in a while!


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