The Never-ending Search for Motivation

Here we are, almost 3 weeks with no responsibilities, no classes, and no need to spend all night studying for exams. Sounds like paradise right? Too bad in a few days we will all find ourselves back in school, knees deep in assignments and textbook readings.

I’m fairly certain that I am not alone when I say that I think it will be very difficult to get back into the routine of being a student. So, how do I find the motivation to snap out of my current lethargic lifestyle? I am terrified that I will not be able to, and therefore have an unsuccessful semester. Deep down, I know that I have it in me, but my anxiety refuses to let me see that. It sucks.

I just wish that I could enjoy myself during these last few days; instead, I am constantly fighting with my anxiety and in a constant panic for what the near future holds. This is not out of the usual for me, I know that I have anxiety and that one of my most prominent symptoms is irrational fear of the future. But how do I stop it so I can enjoy the present? I have been told to stop and acknowledge any fear I may have and if it is irrational to let it go. However, this is so much easier said than done.

For the current time, I will continue to do my best to separate rational from irrational worries and hope to see that going back to school will not be as difficult as I think it will be. But I do hope for the day that I just automatically put the irrational worries to rest.

5 thoughts on “The Never-ending Search for Motivation

  1. You are definitely not alone in feeling like it will be difficult to get back into the student routine after a few weeks off. I always dread completing the first few readings and assignment of second semester. I would rather just stay in bed and watch Netflix!


  2. The same goes for me. I tend to feel guilty when I don’t take any free time to prepare for the future and that then turns into anxiety. However, I find making lists or even thinking/doing one thing at a time helps. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Being able to separate the rational from the irrational – if that isn’t the ticket, I don’t know what is! The issue is the anxiety though isn’t it? Feeling that even the irrational fears could be argued as rational! Hopefully, like you mentioned, I’ll also get better at ignoring the irrational thoughts.
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