Reflecting on the semester

Once exams are done, we often try to forget about school at least until final grades are released. However, it can be nice to look back at all you accomplished through the previous semester. Maybe you studied more for all your exams this year than you did last term. Or perhaps you were able to get 5% higher than usual on a paper. Or maybe you were able to force yourself to get up an attend every 8 am class you had this semester. It is important to reflect on our accomplishments. Looking back at how the previous semester went is also good for setting future goals. It will be easier to remember how much you studied, how many classes you attended, and how well you did on assignments near the end of the semester, opposed to waiting until the next one starts. My suggestion to you is to take 5-10 minutes and think about the previous semester and what you were able to accomplish, as well as set a goal or two for how you can improve your studies come the winter term.


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