End of the Semester Relief

Most students are extremely stressed as the end of the semester nears. I on the other hand am quite relieved. Winter break is soon approaching which means a nice break from school, spending time with my family, and Christmas (which is my favourite holiday). I only have more one paper to hand in, which I’ve almost finished, and then 3 exams to study for. I hate studying, but it’s much easier to do when I don’t have 5 classes to attend each week. During the exam period, I personally don’t find studying too stressful. I normally begin studying once I wake up, at least for an hour or two. Then I normally take a break, eating and perhaps watching a movie or wrapping a few Christmas presents. After my break I hit the books for a few more hours, usually until around dinner time. Most nights I don’t study after dinner and rather just relax, as by this point I am mentally drained and know that I won’t retain any more information. I also tend to rotate between course while studying, and aim to study for each course every day even if just a little. Of course I do prioritize my studying based on when my exams fall and which courses have the most material. I try to keep in mind that in a few weeks I will get to have a break from school and tons of time to relax. This helps me make it through exams without getting super stressed out.


2 thoughts on “End of the Semester Relief

  1. I wish I could study your way. I am more of a night owl, my daytimes are not productive, I stay up late into night hours instead . It’s not the best way, I’m baked around 11:00pm but continue pushing it. I’m zombied out in am and can’t get any work done till midday. I’d rather do it your way, sleep well, get up early and put some work in when my mind is fresh


    • Some people study better at night, it just depends what works best for you! It can be hard to switch around your schedule, but once you do it becomes much easier to stick with it. Good luck with all your finals!


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