Speaking Up

A few years ago one of my best friends was ranting to me over text about numerous things in her life (her boyfriend, family, school, work, etc). She began telling me how she hadn’t felt like herself in the past few weeks, often feeling worthless and depressed. This immediately worried me. She has always been a very happy and energetic individual, who only gets upset when something is really wrong. I have always called her the second I found out something negative happened in her life, mostly breakups and huge fights with her mom. She is well aware that I am always here for her and so is my family. My mom has told her that if for any reason she gets kicked out or doesn’t want to spend the night at home, she is welcome at our house. But, this wasn’t the case this time. She didn’t need a shoulder to cry on or a place to stay. She just needed me to listen. Through our conversation, she began implying that she had wanted to self-harm over the past few weeks. This concerned me and caused me to worry that she had even considered taking her own life, and just wasn’t going to mention this to me, knowing I would tell someone if she had. She begged me not to tell her boyfriend, and especially not her mom about how she had been feeling and the thoughts she had been having.

But I couldn’t sit back and let something happen. The guilt would have never gone away had she done something to harm herself and I didn’t speak up when I had the chance. So I told my mom. Our mothers are close friends and have been for many years. Naturally, my mom informed her mom, and my best friend was now mad at me. She told me I had lost her trust and wasn’t sure if she would ever be able to trust me again. Of course this hurt me, but I didn’t care if it ruined our friendship, as long as I did everything within my power to keep her alive and safe. I love her so much that I was okay with her being mad at me, no matter how long it lasted.

I was a little worried about going to school the next day and seeing her. I wasn’t sure if she would still talk to me or ignore me completely. Surprisingly I walked over to the table in the cafeteria where our friend group sat every morning and she said hi as if nothing was wrong. I would say that for a while she was a little more distant and definitely didn’t tell me anything to personal, but we still hung out at school and talked every day. Over time she began to trust me again. I’m not sure exactly why she came to this decision, or why she did so soon, but I am extremely thankful she did. I honestly cannot imagine my life without her. She’s my go to gal when I have a problem, and we always fun when we’re together. I know I will be both happy and proud of my decision to speak up about my concern for her for the rest of my life.


2 thoughts on “Speaking Up

  1. I agree with the comment above, you should never regret trying to help someone and possibly saving a life. I would have done the same thing if I was in your position. Thanks for sharing!


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