Top 5 Ted Talks About Mental Health

To gain a better understanding of mental health and mental illness, I’ve spent a portion of my time simply researching about my condition, as well as others. I’ve found that medical journals aren’t always easy to follow and don’t always offer that comforting aspect you may be looking for. I’ve compiled some of my favourite Ted Talks that have helped me understand, accept and progress in my diagnosis.

One of the best ways to better understand mental illness if you aren’t experiencing it firsthand is to hear other people talk about it, and perhaps offer up information that allows you to look at it from a new perspective.



3 thoughts on “Top 5 Ted Talks About Mental Health

  1. Thank you for posting theses. It can be hard sometimes to find the right type of information/perspectives and it helps to have them in one place.


  2. This is great! Ted Talks are so interesting and always focus on such important topics, such as mental health. Thanks for sharing your favourites!


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