The Midterm Migraine

The first few weeks of school are usually pretty easy and stress-free. Then October hits. Assignment after assignment, midterm after midterm. Every 3 days you either have a paper due or a midterm worth 30%. There are sleepless nights and endless amounts of caffeine. You feel like you’re never going to get everything done on time, and in the slight chance you do, the mark you receive won’t even be worth it. Every second you don’t spend doing homework feels like a waste. I don’t have time to eat dinner this paper’s due in 4 hours. I can just catch up on sleep once I write this midterm. Although these may seem like the only options during this stressful time of the school year, these are not the only, nor the best route to take.

Put down down your textbooks and take 30 minutes to watch your favourite TV show, or play a couple card games with friends. Eat snacks while studying and make sure you’re eating 3 proper meals a day. Trade in a cup of coffee for a glass of water every once in a while. You need to take care of yourself, especially in such stressful times. You won’t be able to function properly without sleep and food. You may think you’re better off studying than sleeping the night before a midterm, but the amount of information you will retain in these last few hours will not be nearly as much as you hope for. Plus what good does studying all night do if you fall asleep during the test?

Remember that you are not alone in these stressful times. Everyone else has a million things due this week and only 24 hours a day. Talk to your friends and classmates, make study dates and schedule breaks. Try not to stress about everything you have to get done, and rather just start tackling the first task on your list. Keep up with your studies but not push yourself to hard. Do your best and everything will work out. Good luck!


4 thoughts on “The Midterm Migraine

  1. I honestly really needed to read this. I struggle with taking breaks and not feeling guilty about taking time away from my midterm studying and assignments. Plus I feel horrible when I fall behind on my readings (which now a days is pretty often). But thank you for the reminder that I am not alone. And that things will be ok. It’s always funny to me how just hearing someone else say it makes it more impactful. Because when I tell myself to take a break, in the back of my mind is always a little voice saying “you could be studying right now, you are going to fail”. But truly thank you for your post. It means a lot 🙂


  2. I have felt the same way throughout my university experience, I really struggled taking breaks and not allowing myslef to take the time I need to study.


  3. Great post! This is a huge problem with university students (including myself…) because we end up burning out! I need to master the “plan ahead & stop procrastinating” technique so that I have time in my day to relax. It is always so stressful knowing you have so much due yet you haven’t even looked at the outlines of your assignment… or when you have to work until 11 pm the night before a midterm.. I definitely need to learn to take more breaks!


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