My Autistic Experience – Answering Questions

Today marks one year from the day that I made my first post on this forum, and I have decided that I will use this time to answer a bunch of questions that have been left for me by KStar21 that I have had trouble answering. They are not necessarily difficult questions, and yet I have tried answering them separately with minimal success. Instead I will answer them together.

I mean I must be fair. I received these questions a while ago, and so it would be rude of me to leave them sitting there unanswered, but since I don’t have too much to say on either question individually, I’ll just answer them all together. It is unfair of me to keep asking for ideas when there are ideas right in front of me.

After this, I will be taking an extended break to focus on my studies and to hopefully come up with other ideas (but probably not).

So let us begin.

How do I respond to sensory issues? I don’t like loud noises, touch, sudden changes and the cold. These are the forms of stimulus that I find overstimulating. Sometimes the best I can do is to dull my senses. When the fire alarm goes off, I plug my ears. When someone touches me, I recoil and try to get away. When I am cold, I wear more layers or move away from vents.
If there is anything I find under-stimulating, it is heat. I can wear a sweater and be content when others would find it too warm.

What is my connection to the autistic community? I used to follow the actions of a group called Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership (GRASP), but these days I don’t interact with the autistic community. I do my best not to allow my condition to become my identity. I don’t have much interest in large communities, and do my best to be as independent as possible.

What role has my family played in my autistic experience? I wouldn’t be anywhere without my family. It is because of my family that I am able to have a life that resembles normal life. This was because my family pushed me out of my shell. While at times it was miserable, and I didn’t always understand their machinations at the time, I do understand them now.

What do I think of gender issues with regards to the spectrum? Not much. I consider people to be individuals and expect others to treat me and other people as such.
I have heard in the past that boys are considerably more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls, since autistic traits are more acceptable in girls than they are in boys. Perhaps this is true, but it makes no difference to me. I am autistic. That is what matters to me.

What sort of communication problems do I have to deal with? The underlying problem is that I don’t take surprises well. When I am surprised, I am at a loss for words. These challenges were far worse when I was younger and was unable to understand what was going on.

How do I respond to euphemisms? Sometimes I get them and sometimes I don’t. This is something I get better with overtime.

Physical activity? I am very sedentary and for the most part take no pleasure from physical activity. I like swimming, walking, hiking, and archery, but have little chance to do any beyond walking.

When it comes to life skills, I don’t like driving at all. I am on my second G2 license because my first one expired before I could pass the G license test. Since going to university and living in residence, my driving skills slipped. Groceries would be easier if I had a car and could drive. Otherwise my option is ‘go to shoppers’. I can go pretty much whenever I want.

How am I with regards to money and budgeting? I don’t know if I could answer this sufficiently and honestly. My main expense is food, and my secondary expense is video games. Usually I am pretty good about keeping my secondary expenses low, but I don’t keep much track of my spending on food.

And that’s it. Maybe I am missing an obvious answer or aspect, but this is what I can think of for the time being.


5 thoughts on “My Autistic Experience – Answering Questions

  1. Hi there: what are you doing for fun and relaxation this summer?… studying doesn’t count as an answer 😉

    Thanks for answering some of my questions and now I can sleep at night, just kidding hehe

    All the best this summer!


    • I don’t expect to have a lot of time for rest and relaxation while I am at school over the summer. For the most part I suspect that I will be playing video games when I have spare time available. I’ll probably also watch some TV shows, read, and study topics that interest me at the time. Note that while I consider studying for school to not necessarily be fun, I do enjoy studying random trivial topics that peak my interest from time to time.

      I am hoping that once I get my living situation sorted out for grad school that I can join the Durham Archers and actually do some archery. It isn’t practical for me to walk there from residence, but I could drive there pretty easily.


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