The Problem with #BellLetsTalk

Bell’s Lets Talk day is considered an amazing idea and it truly is but my problem is the way people execute the idea.

People go on Twitter or other social media accounts to try and “promote” the awareness of mental illness but why does this only happen one day a year?

First of all, it only applies to Twitter and somewhat to Facebook so why are people posting to social media that isn’t even relevant to the cause? Furthermore why do people feel their good deed is done by posting a simple tweet but every other day of the year they turn a blind eye to it? I mean does anyone else find it funny that on this specific day almost everyone in the world claims to have a mental illness?

I’m not trying to sound offensive in the slightest but in all honesty I’m offended by the way people treat this day. It’s not a popularity contest and that’s all it ever seems to be. Although it is true that not everyone participates in this day for attention, it’s foolish to think that some people aren’t doing it just for attention.

Last year on this day I told myself “don’t worry, even if people are doing this for the wrong reasons, it’s still raising awareness” but you know this year I can’t get on board with that.

Does anyone even know what happens with the money? I mean im not saying that I do know but wouldn’t it be nice to have facts behind the words “raising millions to help mental health initiatives”, what does that even mean? I guess no one feels the need to ask those questions, as long as they can say they have done their part; all while Bell gets an entire day dedicated to promoting their business.

Instead of #BellLetsTalk you know what would really raise awareness and make a difference:
– promoting positive mental health EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR
– listening/caring about those who come to you with problems
– treating people with kindness and respect regardless of their emotions or mental capabilities


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