Services for Students: Indigenous Student Services

Among the many services that are offered to UOIT students, the Indigenous Student Services provides students the opportunity to learn more about Indigenous cultures and traditions. As UOIT is committed to supporting all learners, the Indeigenous Services provides access to visiting Elders, Advising, councelling, inclusive monthly programming. That includes traditional ceremonies, and cultural workshops, Soup and Bannock and a welcoming and inclusive space found at 151 Athol Street (beside 61 Charles street.)


“We also offer many volunteer opportunities for students looking to engage in UOITs external community,” says Student Development Specialist-Indigenous Programming worker Jill Treen. She also offers advocacy, advising and referral appointments, over the phone or in person, to assist indigenous students navigating the post secondary landscape. “This can include clarification on admissions, how to register for classes, tours of the campus, and how to access other services offered to students.”

Jill Thompson, the Indigenous Cultural Adviser, also offers students counseling and support for their mental health and well being. “I also offer cultural advising for indigenous and non indigenous students, staff and faculty.”

Rick Bourque, the Traditional Knowledge Keeper,  also offers one-on-one appointments with students to provide cultural supports, and assist the centre in running inclusive monthly programs, traditional ceremonies, and cultural workshops.

“It is important for all students, faculty and staff to have the opportunity to access our services,” Treen says.

“And I invite you all to stop by the centre and introduce yourself to the team,” Thompson says.


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