New Year, New Me?

Welcome to 2016 everyone!

I can definitely say, I did not write in this blog as much as I would have like last semester. With the new year upon me, I decided to do some self reflection on my past, and whether there really is such a thing as ‘New Year, New Me’:

At the start of 2015, I chased after guys who didn’t like me, trying to overcome my introvertedness by becoming more popular and putting others in front of myself.

In hindsight, I regret nothing.

It was eye opening to see how fighting for affection from others ended up tearing me down because in the end, I needed to support myself. 2016 is all about becoming a happier girl seeking out how to be ME and not the ‘me’ I thought people wanted me to be. I still get anxiety and self doubt, and I realize that it is a long road to reach where I want to be.

In order to do that, I created a list of ‘goals’ that I wanted to have for 2016. These are not hard and fast resolutions, they are not things that I can easily falter on. There are phrases that will push me to become healthier in both mind and body. I thought that I would write about each one over this month and encourage all of you to make up a few little ‘action phrases’ to boost you up over this new year!

GOAL #1: Write More!

For me, this goal was set more to reflect on the reasoning behind why I stopped in the first place. And the simple answer is, I was just plain tired.

Last semester was TOUGH.

I went through a terrible break-up, struggled with my thesis, struggled with other relationships in my life, dealt with the passing of my Uncle and just down right felt anxious 95% of the time. The ending of my last relationship really rocked the boat. When someone says hurtful things like “Your anxiety is just a crutch” rather than being a support, “you have ruined my life” or “you’re future relationships will fail if you don’t change,”  something switches inside of you. Going through all these hardships, one after the other, just brought me down to a level of exhaustion. My mantra became “survive alive” and I literally struggled through every moment of every day. I did not blog because I did not know what to say. Should I come clean and admit that my anxiety was crippling? Or just write about tips and tricks to over come it as I used to do? In the end, it was just easier to stop all together.

Over the last few weeks, my life has really turned up.

I found out that I had a lot to be grateful for like supportive friends, a family, good grades and strong educational mentors. Writing my first post of the new year is just a baby step to success; I admitted that I’m not perfect which is perfectly okay!

Now it’s on to improvement;  instead of taking this new year as an opportunity to completely recreate a whole new me, I’m going to take it as time to become happier with myself.

How about you?

What are a few ‘action phrases’ that you would like to write down that represent your 2016 path to a sound mind and self?



2 thoughts on “New Year, New Me?

  1. Writing more is a great goal. Writing has become my soul searching. It is different from just thinking. Requires extra thought and effort. My journal saved my life. It is 350 pages long and keeps growing. I often go back and read it to re- live my ups and downs.


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