Tips for Friends: Staying Healthy During Exam Time

With the exam period of the Fall 2016 semester quickly approaching, a student’s mental health is very important to a successful end of the semester. Stress is obviously a problem with students as exams, essays, labs, part-time (or full-time) work, and other extra circulars begin to add up toward the end of November and into early December.

In hopes of assisting UOIT students with dealing with their stress, we asked upper year UOIT students about what they do, and have done, to stay on top of their stress.

Paint your nails (Self care routine)


Although her confidence about her exam was shaky, Emma’s nail game was on point before she took an exam last year.

“I paint my nails,” explains third year Life Science student, Emma Blackwood. “I take a 20 minute break where my hands are occupied, and I don’t have to think about it. It doesn’t have to be paint your nails, but it could be anything that takes your attention away from your books and doesn’t allow you to be sucked in like when you watch Netflix and loose track of time. It also makes me feel pretty, and when I look at my nails after it makes me feel nicer.”

Yoga (Physical activity)

“I find yoga is a good break, because it gives you a break mentally from doing your work and helps you relax and just focus on being in the moment,” says third year Kinesiology student, Laura McKeown. “Just going for a walk also helps sometimes, remembering to take little breaks for yourself and getting some fresh air always helps me.”

Play Videogames

“I play games, FIFA mostly,” explains Mechanical Engineering student, Muhammad Mahad. “Also, group studies are a major stress relief, as well. We joke around about the semester, how ‘bad’ our lives are, and eventually study and help each other on what we don’t understand in our classes.”

Shake It Off (Laughing) & Work

“Laughing is a good stress reliever,” nervously laughs third year Crimonology student, Stephanie Gates. “Laugh about things that go wrong, for example: my TA all semester has been late, terribly at explaining things, and just all around terrible. We complain to the proff, and we just laugh it off. Also, work is sometimes a stress reliever for me. I don’t have to think about school, and my brain is allowed a break.”

If you are feeling particularly stressed during exam time, or at anytime during the school year, please contact us via email at, call us at 905 721 3392, or drop by our North or Downtown locations to book an appointment with a counselor.

How do YOU stay mentally healthy during exam periods? Share your activities and advice in the comment section below.




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