Campus Events: Campus Connected Orientation Sessions

campus connected (2)

Students interested are invited to attend one of three orientation sessions for Campus Connected, after which you will officially be a part of the initiative!

There are two north campus sessions (Oct 13 and Oct 27) and one downtown session (Oct 29) available at this time.  To register, please use the link below:

Please feel free to invite your friends to register.  All students are welcome to come!

Campus Connected

Promoting a sense of belonging and openness within the UOIT community.

What is it?

UOIT values the mental health and well-being of each individual. The Campus Connected initiative aims to create an inclusive university where its members are able to care for each other to build a flourishing community.

Who is Campus Connected for?

It is for the entire university community: students, faculty, staff and stakeholders.

What is it not?

It is not professional counselling support for distressing and crisis situations. In these situations, please refer to to make appropriate referrals as needed.

Why is Campus Connected important?

Lack of social connection is a common theme that contributes to challenges experienced by university students. Students in need of connection feel profound loneliness, isolation, shame and fear of being judged negatively. Similarly, lack of connection also contributes to staff and faculty’s compromised well-being.

How would I benefit from becoming involved with Campus Connected?

Supporting others benefits the helper. Voluntarily giving help to others protects our overall physiological health and emotional well-being.



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