Thank you for stopping by!

My name is Rebecca and I wanted to quickly introduce myself before jumping straight into blogging 🙂

Here are 15 things about me, so you can get to know me a bit:

  1. I love Arizona Green Tea … or tea in general.
  2. My favourite song at the moment is Portishead – Machine Gun
  3. Favourite food? Sushi or udon 🙂 Or anything with noodles.
  4. I love reading, especially Harry Potter or the Hunger Games series.
  5. Cat’s are my best friend. I currently have 3 who I try to cuddle all the time, even though they wiggle away.
  6. I love Christmas season; once Halloween it’s over, it’s time to start blasting the carols.
  7. My dream is to work on cars and custom make my own 1970 Challenger
  8. I’m currently taking Forensic Psychology and Community Development/Policy Studies. I would like to do a masters in political science and personality psychology. My end game is to work with mental health policies.
  9. I love television shows; but I have an issue with finishing series. I’m currently trying to watch Once Upon at Time, Arrow, American Horror Story, and White Collar.
  10. Action movies are fantastic! I love anything Marvel and or from the Fast and the Furious series.
  11. Romantic comedies are also great! My favourite is Two Weeks Notice.  However… I have never seen ‘the Notebook’..
  12. …. I also really love Musical’s. My favourite is the ‘Sound of Music’,’Les Mis’  ‘Sweeny Todd’ and ‘Into the Woods’. If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them 🙂
  13. I’m tiny! 5’2 and struggle to reach the middle shelf in the kitchen. Which is something I visit frequently since I’m constantly hungry…
  14. I have an extroverted personality in social situations to make up for the fact that I’m quite the introvert and I have social anxiety.
  15. Self doubt and perfectionism are a major thing I struggle with and one reason why I wanted to blog! I hope if I talk about my own experiences, I can provide some help or thoughts to mediate on for you out there 🙂

I look forward to blogging this year; I would love for my time here in this amazing platform becomes a conversation. Where I talk a bit and hear from you!

Peace and love, Rebecca


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