The Importance of Anonymity

As the school year quickly approaches, and the last of the summer heat will hopefully be a fleeting memory, we are eager to look for students interested in sharing their mental health journeys, experiences, and words of wisdom with fellow students, staff and faculty.

As eager as we are to hear these stories, we understand that students may find it difficult to share them on such a large scale.

With the stigma that surrounds mental health, we offer this platform of story telling to students as a way of sharing their stories, but not their identities.

As brought up in our latest My Autistic Experience post, you may come across a post as a reader that reminds you of someone you may know at UOIT. You may know them from your program, or you may have had some classes with them. You may even have a relationship with them, potentially having worked on a class project together. It may seem like no big deal to bring up an educational and interesting article to the person you think wrote it, and you are only interested in sharing praise for their post.

But, to the student who wrote the article, it’s not just praise; it’s you announcing that they have a mental illness to their class mates. Which could do a lot more damage than good, in the long run.

We offer this platform to not only educate the UOIT community about mental illness, but to allow students to share their experiences without feeling the pressure to reveal to their friends and teachers that they have a mental illness. We want any and all students who are interested in writing for us to feel welcome and secure in the anonymity that we offer, and the positive space they are entering into when they share their experiences with us.

A mental illness does not define a person, nor should it be revealed without the student’s permission.

Explore this blog, learn about mental illnesses, and share your experiences with us if you feel comfortable enough to. We ask readers to leave their praise in the comments if they would like to, and only speak with an author if they broach the subject first. This blog runs because we keep our authors identities private, and we would like to keep it that way.


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