Sing It Out: Blue October

In this addiction of Sing It Out, we will be taking a look at Blue October’s song, Hate Me, which lead singer Justin Furstenfeld wrote about the moment that he realized what his addiction was doing to the people that he loved.

One of the important things to be included in the video for Furstenfeld was a recording of the phone message his mom had left for him after not hearing from him for a while, which made him realize how selfish his addiction was. It prompted him to write the song, and eventually get help for his addiction.

During his lowest points, Furstenfeld’s mother refused to stop loving him. She made him see the good in himself, even when that seemed like the hardest thing to do. He thanks her for his sobriety, and that he won’t allow his addiction to pull them apart again. His desire to stop hurting her prompted the name of the song, preferring that she hate him instead of show him love that he doesn’t think he deserves.

In an interview, Furstenfeld explained that song was basically an apology to anyone who had to deal with someone while they were in a very dark place, and a way of asking for forgiveness for being so bad. It’s also about Furstenfeld’s acceptance of his actions, his addiction, and the pain that he caused to the people that he loved and were there for him when he felt he didn’t deserve them.

The band Blue October was formed in 1995 in Houston, Texas and consists of lead singer, Justin Furstenfeld, drummer, Justin Furstenfeld, lead guartist, C.B. Hudson, bassist, Matt Novesky, and pianist, violinist, mandolin playing, Ryan Delahoussaye. Hate Me was released on the bands fourth studio album, Foiled.


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