Sing It Out: We’ll Get By

On this post for Sing It Out, we will be taking a look at the song We’ll Get By (The Autism Song) performed by the Johnny Orr Band.

After a friend asked main singer and song writer, Johnny Orr, to write a song about Autism; he struggled with the topic for some time. He originally knew very little about autism, and wasn’t sure how to write a song that helped others understand the disorder. Waking up one morning with a couple of lines running through his head, which would eventually form the first two lines of the songs, Orr sat down and did some research to better understand what he was writing about.

The lyrics explain the struggles of childhood autism on the child and on the family, attempting to explain how hard it is for the parents to understand their child and what emotions they are trying to convey. The powerful ballad shows an honest and educated view on the disorder, and seems to be the country anthem for autism. The friend who asked Orr to write the song gave it rave reviews, and Orr knew that he needed to get the song out to help people understand the disorder and to speak to the families that have similar experiences.

Part of the proceeds from the songs sales go toward local Autism charities, and it was released on the bands EP ‘Down South.’ The band consists of Orr, guitarist and vocalist, Gino Latarulo, bassist and vocalist, Jack Getz, and drummer, Bill Eagen.

We have the amazing opportunity to learn from someone who shares their experiences on their blog, which they called ‘My Autistic Experience.‘ The writer is currently looking for potential post ideas, and we would encourage anyone to take a look at his past posts for more insight.


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