Continue the Conversation: Casey Throwaway

Today we will be discussing a video posted on Youtube by Casey Throwaway, who recently posted a video of himself coming down from a panic attack in an attempt to show people just how devastating they can be. The video has a very strong message to people who don’t understand what someone goes through during a panic attack, and has widely circulated the internet.

“I always told myself to man up,” Throwaway explains in the 2:17 long video that he shot with a cellphone. “But, that would be like telling a blind man to see.” This quote that Throwaway says to explain how he’s attempted to deal with his panic attack sums up mental health so wonderfully, I had to include it in the post. The video is brutally honest, and shows just how affected someone suffering from a panic attack can be.

Throwaway made the videos for others, but also for himself. He explains that what happens to him in the video is what happens when you don’t try to help yourself, and when you think that you can try to deal with panic attacks and anxiety alone.

Since posting the video on June 2nd of this year, it has been viewed over 900,000 times. Throwaway also started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to buy camera equipment to make more videos about the stigma that surrounds mental health, and has, to this date, exceeded the goal of $500.

The internet met Throwaway with positive reviews, and the video has even been featured on Doctor Drew and has been shared all over the internet by people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks to those who don’t/


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