Sing It Out: Fight Song

I will admit I’m doing a bit of a reach with this song, as it wasn’t directly written about a mental illness. But, this week for Sing It Out, we are going to be looking at Rachel Platten’s break out single, Fight Song.

The anthem is an inspirational song if you’ve ever heard it, featured on an episode of the popular show Pretty Little Lairs, and speaks about the struggles of Rachel as she was trying to ignore the little voice in her head that told her she wouldn’t succeed in her dream. Instead of listening to the voice, Platten wrote the song about her struggles.

“I decided to keep believing in myself no matter what,” Platten has said about the song.

The songs message is about not giving up, even when everything is against you. It’s over coming the negative comments, even the ones from yourself, and fighting to get what you want. Standing up to that mean voice, and telling it that you are worth it. You are worth the fight, and you will do great things one day.

One of the biggest struggles for someone attempting to get healthy again is believing that you can do it, and work toward a better self. The decision to get better is a hard one, and it’s been described as the hardest thing someone can do. But, never giving up and believing in yourself are the first, and crucial, steps.


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