Sing It Out: Adam’s Song

In this addition of Sing It Out, we will be taking a look at American rock band, Blink 182’s, Adam’s Song. The song was reportedly written after band member, Mark Hoppus, received a suicide letter from a fan who had committed suicide and was dealing with depression while on tour.

The note, which was sent from a fan by the name of Adam Krieger, tells the story of someone who never felt like they belonged and that he truly never felt like anyone had ever cared for him. The songs message is that things do get better, and that killing yourself isn’t the answer. It tells the unapologetic story of how Adam felt, and what led him to take his life. The note is powerful, and obviously affected the members of Blink 182 when they read it. The band sees the song as their way of reaching out to fans to let them know that they always have other choices, even if it feels like they don’t.

Even though the song came out a lot sadder than the band intended, they saw that as a good thing. It was considered to be one of the bands more serious singles, and was seen as a bit of a turning point for the previously silly band. The story of a fan who wasn’t happy with his life happened to speak to the band when they were upset about being on tour, and the song tells the story they were trying to get across. Even if the song does seem down, and affects the listeners mood, it tells a powerful story that may help someone in the long run.

Blink 182 consisted of bassist and vocalist, Mark Hoppus, drummer, Travis Barker, and guitarist and vocalist, Tom Delonge. The band has released a total of six albums, with Neighborhoods being their most recent album released in 2011. Adam’s Song was released as the third and final single from the band’s third album, Enema of the State. Delonge has been on hiatus from the band, even though this has been greatly disputed by fans and critics alike.


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