Sing It Out: Skin & Bones

Though it won’t be the only song from this band that we look at, for this addition of Sing It Out we will be taking a look at Canadian natives, Mariana’s Trench’s, song Skin & Bones. The song talks about main singer, Josh Ramsay’s, struggles with an eating disorder.

Mariana’s Trench is a Canadian pop rock band consisting of main singer, Josh Ramsay, lead guatrist, Matt Webb, bassist, Mike Ayley, and drummer, Ian Casselman. To date, the band has released three full-length studio albums, with their fourth album, Astoria, release date announced recently.

Skin & Bones tells the story of Ramsay’s struggles with the eating disorder bulimia nervosa. The powerful song recounts not only how it felt for Ramsay to purge, but his desire to be thin. The song begins with a description of what Ramsay did so no one would hear him purging, revealing just how destructive this illness can be. “I lock the door/ turn all the water on/ and bury that sound.” It’s an honest account of Ramsay’s struggles, which makes the song important for those suffering and for those attempting to understand someone else’s struggles.

The lyrics even touch on Ramsay’s difficulty to admit that he purged, which speaks about the stigma and silence people suffering from mental illness go through. As mentioned before, this isn’t Mariana’s Trenchs only song about his eating disorders. Feeling small describes Ramsay’s also speaks about his struggles with eating disorder, but is a bit of a narrative. It seems like he’s telling someone a story of his struggles, like a one sided conversation. He admits to feeling afraid because of his weight, and that he felt like someone wanted him to purge to be small.

Both songs were released on the band’s debut album, Fix me, though Feeling Small was only available through Itunes.


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