Continue the Conversation: Queen’s University

Just a couple of months ago on March 10th of this year,  student-athlete volunteers on Queen’s Mental Health Awareness Committee (QMHAC) at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario put together a video about starting the conversation about mental health.

The video, which consisted of student athletes and the principal of Queens’s university Daniel Woolf, focused on the message that mental illness doesn’t care about a student’s GPA, friends, sports stats, grades, or  how hard you work in school and sports. Mental illness can, and will, affect students. The videos message tells viewers that even if you are the best at school and sports, mental illness can still affect you.

Two student-athlete volunteers who’s idea it was for the video, hockey players Kevin Bailie and Jordan Coccimiglio, believed that the best way to get student’s talking about mental health was through social media. They decided to upload the video on Youtube (and a big THANK YOU goes out to them for that decision from the blog) to allow people easier access to it, and to share the message with as many people as possible.

This video has probably been the best one we have found so far, because it’s students telling other students the importance of talking about mental illnesses. By continuing the conversation, we are taking crucial steps to erasing the negative stigma that surrounds mental illnesses. By coming together and educating ourselves and others, we create a possibility that one day may be achievable.

QMHAC is a organization at Queen’s that looks into mental health among their varsity athletes at Queen’s and other universities in Canada, and to provide support and education for students at Queen’s while attempting to break the stigma that surrounds mental illness.


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