Continue the Conversation: Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato did a speech for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) back in September of 2014, where she spoke about her struggles with Bi Polar disorder, and eating disorder, and depression. She spoke about how mental illness has no prejudices, and anyone can be touched by it in their life time. “Mental health matters,” she said during her speech. “It needs, and must, be taken seriously.”

NAMI helped Demi, among others, realize that their voices and stories of mental illness matter. As the people with the most experience, and knowledge about mental illness, they are the ones that can open the eyes of those who are ignorant or have little knowledge about mental health. As a devastating diseases that can be deadly, getting the attention and treatment someone needs is crucial to having a long and health life.

Lovato spoke about her low periods that were so bad that she couldn’t find the strength to crawl out of bed in the morning, and that there were stretches of time when she felt ashamed for no reason. She self medicated with drugs and alcohol to find a balance, but it only worked to make herself feel ‘normal.’ Through her journey, she realized how important it is to be honest with your Doctor to start your journey to dealing with your illness.

She also spoke about the fact that she will never be cured, and that her illness will always require work as other mental illnesses do. Her personal mission is to share her journey, and to have impact on even one person to help them deal with their darkness and that there is more to it. She is living proof that someone can live with Bi Polar disorder, and be happy, healthy, and thriving. Her desire is to become a mental health advocate, and to help reduce the shame that surrounds mental illness.



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