Sing It Out: Animal I Have Become

One this addition of Sing It Out, we are going to be taking a look at Animal I Have Become, by Three Days Grace, which was written by lead singer, Adam Gontier, while he was in rehab while attempting to overcome his addiction to OxyContin, a pain killer.

While he was an addict, Gontier would become abusive, angry, and had no idea who he was while he was on the drug. This feeling is reflected in the lyrics throughout the song, with Gontier begging someone to help him through the nightmare. He refers to himself as an animal, and that he hopes that it isn’t the real him. The song speaks about the struggles an addict goes through, feeling a complete disconnect from themselves.

Three Days Grace, a Canadian rock bad from Norwood, Ontario, was formed in originally in 1992 under a different name. When the band got back together in 1997, it consisted of lead singer, Adam Gontier, drummer and back up vocalist, Neil Sanderson, and bassist, Brad Walst. Later on, the band recruited Barry Stock for lead guitarist. The band has released five albums, and have reached platinum status in Canada. In 2003, Gontier was replaced by Matt Walst as lead vocalist.

During his stay at rehab, Gontier kept a journal of his emotional journey. From these journal entries, he wrote the band’s songs Animal I have become, Pain, Over and over, Gone forever, and One X. Even though the songs could be translated to struggles in relationships or family relationships, Gontier pulled on his experiences with the pain he lacked while on OxyContin and the pain he experienced while struggling to become sober.

The song, at it’s core, tells the story of someone struggling with an addiction. The stranger they become to themselves, and their inability to escape even though they try repeatedly to. It’s about when Gontier finally realized that he needed help to get over his addiction, and checked into rehab in 2005.


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