Sing It Out: Secrets

As I mentioned before in a previous post, students reach out to music for an escape. As I mentioned in that post, there’s some therapy that uses music to help people on their journeys. So, I did some research and realized some very popular bands/singers have used their music as an outlet when dealing with their own mental health issues.

Hence, Sing It Out was created.
The idea of this posts will be an in depth look into songs, the inspiration behind them, and which mental illness they are being written about. Not surprising, there are a lot of songs to take a look at.

To begin, I’d like to start with Mary Lambert’s song, Secrets.

Lambert, a singer/song writer who just released her debut album Heart on my Sleeve and first got on center stage with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in Same love where she sang parts of her She keeps me warm single, wrote the song to tell the world about her secrets. One of which, includes her struggle with Pi Bolar disorder. The song talks about her rocking mom jeans and cat earrings, among other things, and she believes that telling her secrets breaks the stigma and that shame that surrounds these things.

Among the lines that really stick out in the song, besides the first line that is “I’ve got Bi Polar disorder, my shits not in order”, the entire song revolves around the idea that Lambert is done keeping things to herself. She also touches on society’s encouragement to hide things that we are ashamed of in these lyrics, that are repeated through the song during the bridge, “They tell us from the time we are young, to hide the things that we don’t like about ourselves. Inside ourselves.”

Not only does she spill all her secrets through the song, she even encourages fans to spill their secrets anonymously. As a huge fan of getting mail and the snail-mail chain letters the 90’s are notorious for, Lambert created something she calls MarysSecrets, which invites fans to tell their secrets and have them sent out to other fans.  The completely private page encourages fans to share their secrets to send to another fan, and they will receive a post card with another fan’s secrets.

Lambert’s message in this song is clear: I have nothing to be ashamed of, and if you think I do, then so what?


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