My Autistic Experience

So let us begin.

I am an autistic individual who attends UOIT. Through this forum, I hope to share my experience with my condition and to provide insight to others. I am particularly lucky that despite my condition I am able to interact with people in a normal fashion. No one would be able to guess at my condition by observing me (the only way anyone would know is at my say so).

When I was little, this was not the case. I have a particularly strong memory of my childhood, of the therapy I had undergone to reach this point, the difficulties I had with interacting with people and the subtleties involved. It isn’t something I look back on fondly, but my mind focuses on the future more than it does the past.

It is because of my focus on the future that I post here. I hope to help other people in the future by sharing my past. I still have a few remaining difficulties with my condition, but fortunately it has allowed for me a certain way of thinking that helps me in academic and scientific pursuits.

Perhaps this will also be good for me as well, but that matters less to me.

Questions will help me to determine my next topic. Otherwise I will think of something. Thank you for the forum.


5 thoughts on “My Autistic Experience

  1. I hope that posting here will be good for you. I enjoyed reading it. We need to de-stigmatize autism further, as the stereotype of an extremely disruptive child is still alive. Can you write about the social aspect of autism? All the best


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