Continue the Conversation: Ruby Wax

To start this new batch of posts off, which will have a weekly post if I have anything to say about it, I’d like to explain exactly what these posts will consist of.

In an attempt to remove the stigma that surrounds mental health, people have stood up on public platforms and spoken about their own experiences. These powerful messages, given through youtube videos, at TEDtalks just to name a few, are important to not only watch. But, to become informed on people’s stories and just how bad they’ve been treated. They’re informative about how we view people suffering from mental illness, and remind us how everyone is affected by a mental illness. (Sometimes, they’re even funny.)

Each post will feature a different video, one that I found interesting, and will have a little back story of the person speaking. I’m always looking for new places to look for these videos, so please comment any you found interesting in the comment section below to help my search.

The very first post will feature a video of comedian, Ruby Wax, who was diagnosed with chronic depression and was institutionalized. Her TEDtalk took place in June 2012, and is an amazing video to watch. Her energy, drawings and anecdotes paint a picture of her mental illness, and she urges us to break the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

She speaks about the shame that anyone with a mental illness has put upon them, simply because they have no prove that they are suffering. How that shame and guilt is internalized, and that it basically sounds like ‘if the devil had turrets.’ She also can’t understand why a mental illness is deemed faking it or pretending, when it’s worse than breaking your arm or your leg.

Finally, Wax stresses that if we don’t talk about mental illness than it won’t be 1/4 people who suffer from a mental illness. It’s going to be 4/4 who suffer, and that we need to stop the stigma that surrounds mental illness.




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