‘Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go,’ E.L. Doctorow

Any form of expression is a glimpse into the soul of the creator, and writing is no different.

An artist rips back the walls they build up around them, and allows the viewer/reader/etc to really see them.

Their faults. Their weaknesses. Their vulnerabilities.

As someone who found it difficult to open up as a child, writing was my way of allowing people in and showing everyone (including myself) what I was feeling at that time. Writing allows me to have a few moments of peace while I really figure out what has been bothering me, and even sometimes I surprise myself by writing about things that I hadn’t thought about beforehand. I can usually feel a weight lifted whenever I finish writing, almost like a weight that I didn’t realize I was carrying around with me has been lifted.

Blogging is a stress reliever that allows us to reach out to the masses, and remind ourselves that we are not alone. Writing for my own blog has helped me a lot during the school year, as I take a moment to tune out all that is stressing me out and just take that time to blog it out.

It is also a satisfying hobby, as it creates an online presence for you, makes you a published writer, hones your writing skills, adds to your resume, and allows you to get feedback immediately from your followers and fellow bloggers.

Ultimately, do what you enjoy doing. It may be sports, drawing, reading, writing, etc. But, if it gives you a sense of enjoyment that helps you relax for a moment, and gives you a fresh outlook when you go back to your daily routines. Do it often.


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