Where are you on the Mental Health Continuum?


Please let us know your thoughts!

Mental Health Continuum Model

This image is from the Mental Health Commission (http://www.mentalhealthcommission.ca).  Please click on the photo to enlarge if needed.

Please note, all UOIT students are encouraged to seek support from Student Mental Health Services if needed. You can email studentlifeline@uoit.ca or call 905-721-3392 to book an appointment.



17 thoughts on “Where are you on the Mental Health Continuum?

    • Red and orange after leaving home for a year or more. After that orange and yellow with slowly moving into yellow and green and now mostly green with some yellow. After red, green and yellow feel great. My uoit counselor helped, it took many sessions and I remember of how far I have come. He also helped me realize my strengths which my mom never acknowledged and I didn’t know I have and helped me heal. It’s easier now. Green, even yellow feels wonderful. If you think about starting this process, I want you to know it is worth it and wonderful things can happen.


  1. Bye, bye green , bye bye yellow, hello orange and red. I’ll let this oldie song finish for me:

    “Bye bye love
    Bye bye happiness
    Hello loneliness
    I think I’m-a gonna cry
    Bye bye love
    Bye bye sweet caress
    Hello emptiness
    I feel like I could die
    Bye bye my love goodbye”


  2. I think that my orange or red are different from most others. I feel injured/ill but do not have most of the symptoms from your table. I can produce and function well, i am not tired or have panic attacks or drink to much. I just feel like I collapsed inside, imploded, there is nothing for me to look forward to.

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  3. Hi jj21. No one wants to feel unwell. No one wants to be in orange or red territory. Feeling injured or ill is costly and we pay a tremendous personal price for it. We would like to encourage you to connect with us. Please remember that mental health issues can affect anyone, but most conditions are highly treatable. I am glad that you are aware of where you are on the mental health continuum and know how you feel as emotional distress often appears in unsuspecting ways. Nobody should suffer alone. We offer individual counselling which is free and fully confidential. Our goal is to make things just a little bit easier for you. Please email us at studentlifeline@uoit.ca or call 905-721-3392 to book an appointment with one of our counsellors. We will be glad to help.
    Stay well.
    Jarek – Student Mental Health Counsellor


  4. Hello @1992, Student Mental Health Services is for UOIT students only. However, Durham College students are encouraged to reach out to the Campus Health Centre at (905) 721-3037.


  5. Hi @1992 – If you live in residences you can get some help but nothing at the campus for non residence folks. They don’t accept DC students at Student Mental Health Services, UOIT only. Don’t we pay fees?


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