Exams are over now at UOIT and now we, the students, need to think about what we will be doing over the summer.  The summer break can be exciting, but can bring a variety of stressors.

Where will you be living for the summer? 

There are many options for this problem, but it can take awhile to find something that suits your needs. Talk to the people who know UOIT Off-Campus Housing

Where will I get money to pay for school next year?

The job board with UOIT Career Services has many summer job postings.  Remember to also think about University Works summer positions.  First you have to apply through UOIT SAFA tab on My Campus.  There is also volunteer opportunities to help build your resume.  A great website is Charity Village, as you can put in your postal code to find something local for volunteering.  There is also OSAP to apply for during the summer for next September.

There are many other stressors such as moving back home, being away from your new friends, family and being out of your routine.   If you are a returning student you can still access services through UOIT Mental Health Service.  If you cannot make it to campus then remember you can use services like:

Good2Talk– 1-866-925-5454 or call 2-1-1

Connex Ontario for Mental Health, Drug, Alcohol or Gambling Addictions

Aspiria – 1.877.234.5327

Browse their websites and see how you can benefit from their services over the summer.  There is always someone to talk to. Try to keep a routine, get involved in your local community, meet new people and enjoy being outside, once the weather is nicer.

You can always write about your successes and stressors over the summer on our blog.  There are people who are going through similar issues that would benefit from reading about it.


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