Blog Community Guidelines

Before we start this journey, we need to set some standards for everyone who posts and comments.  This site is governed by UOIT and , for now, this blog will use guidelines that have been created by the Communications & Marketing department.

In order to maintain an environment that promotes collaboration, sharing of ideas, interaction and respect, the university reserves the right to screen or remove any content that:

  • Is obscene or sexually explicit
  • Is posted with the intention of selling a product or service
  • Promotes hate towards any racial, ethnic, religious group or sexual orientation
  • Uses foul and inappropriate language
  • Abuses, threatens, bullies, harasses, insults or in any other way violates the rights of others
  • Displays content that is violent or graphically disturbing

These guidelines will be defined more as this blog grows, with input from bloggers and the UOIT community.  For the full list of guidelines click here.


Let's discuss this.

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