Where are you on the Mental Health Continuum?


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Mental Health Continuum Model

This image is from the Mental Health Commission (http://www.mentalhealthcommission.ca).  Please click on the photo to enlarge if needed.

Please note, all UOIT students are encouraged to seek support from Student Mental Health Services if needed. You can email studentlifeline@uoit.ca or call 905-721-3392 to book an appointment.




It has been almost two weeks since I completed my last official day at UOIT and I’d have to say that I am now feeling much more positive about being ‘done’ than before.

So what changed? Well, quite few things, actually…

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Exams are over now at UOIT and now we, the students, need to think about what we will be doing over the summer.  The summer break can be exciting, but can bring a variety of stressors.

Where will you be living for the summer? 

There are many options for this problem, but it can take awhile to find something that suits your needs. Talk to the people who know UOIT Off-Campus Housing

Where will I get money to pay for school next year?

The job board with UOIT Career Services has many summer job postings.  Remember to also think about University Works summer positions.  First you have to apply through UOIT SAFA tab on My Campus.  There is also volunteer opportunities to help build your resume.  A great website is Charity Village, as you can put in your postal code to find something local for volunteering.  There is also OSAP to apply for during the summer for next September.

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One thing’s for certain: nothing is ever certain. No matter how many times I acknowledge this fact, the uncertainty of life, certainly impacts my daily life and sometimes causes moments of deep pain. Expectations versus reality are perpetually in tension as I go about my day, often ranging from the most mundane to the most traumatic and always leaving me battling it out at various times. Life is hard, that is for sure, and being a student adds a whole other layer of complexity, but it also is very predictable, structured, and certain. I know what I need to do each day, what is expected of me, and even know all the assignments I’ll be doing months in advance; I like that feeling because it is secure. Other aspects of school aren’t so comforting and when am stressed, I believe my perseverance to see it through the hard times, has shaped me to be the more resilient person I am today. I am not the type of person to give up easily because I desperately want to feel better and to be happy.

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Advisory Committee

Deadline is April 30.

Deadline is April 30.

Student Mental Health Services is looking for UOIT students to be a part of a Student Mental Health Advisory Committee. The main role involves developing and reviewing mental health and wellness initiatives at the university. This would be an excellent leadership opportunity for students who are passionate about advocating for mental health. There is a time commitment of 20 hours between September 2015 and April 2016.

Please send a one-page letter of intent and email your submission to studentlifeline@uoit.ca by Thursday, April 30.

  1. Describe why mental health and wellness are important to you.
  2. List qualities you have that can help create a mentally healthy university community.
  3. Explain at least one idea that can contribute to students’ mental health and wellness.

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